We speak English


My name is Marian Kruisdijk and I am from the Netherlands. In 2003 I first set eyes on the Island of Curaçao and knew immediately that “this is where I want to be”.


I worked in the service sector in the Netherlands and enjoyed working with people. It was just natural that I wanted to engage in a similar type of livelihood on the island.


I operate the small Divi Divi Apartment complex since 2007/2008 (at first called “Marber Appartmenten”) and am pleased and look forward to every single guest to this day.


I am Dutch but also speak German and English. I am happy that, therefore, I can make my German or English speaking guest feel just as much at home as my Dutch guests.


I enjoy being a host and am always present during your vacation to help with anything in any circumstance, or provide information or helpful tips.

Meet Linda and Charly


Meet Linda and Charly, my loyal companions and very often they are my guest’s darlings. They are very pleasant and agreeable and they occasionally drop by to see what is going on.


Lina and Charly are, of course, very good watch dogs and our guest at Divi Divi Apartments can sleep well, being assured that they are safe and well protected.