Bon Bini to Curacao and at the Divi-Divi Apartments.


Curaçao is definitely one of the dream vacation spots in the Caribbean with the breathtaking, beautiful, turquoise sea and year round constant pleasant temperatures of around 29°C. Since the island also has as much to offer in regards to its history and culture, which is a mixture of the Caribbean way of life with European flair and pinch of American influence, it is a destination especially enjoyed by Europeans but also by Americans.

The Divi Divi Apartments are not new and have actually housed guests for the last 6 years, only under another name. At the beginning of 2014 we reinvented ourselves, modernized, renovated and redecorated the facility and out of the “Marber-Appartementen“ the Divi Divi Apartments emerged.

The good news is that the Divi Divi Apartments remain as low-priced as earlier.

Curious? Then take a close look at our apartments and explore the helpful information under the menu subject “Curaçao”. Here you will find out more about the capital city Willenstad, about the Caribbean Sea and its beaches as well as the fascinating island flora and fauna.